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Packaging Design

Graphic Design, Illustration, Logo Design, Product Identification

westwood creative publishing services
westwood creative_17.09_web cake  candle Awestwood creative_17.09_web cake  candle Bwestwood creative_17.09_web cake  candle C

Rebranded for the Lumi-Lite Candle Company, the Original Cake Candle container and supporting products demaned a face lift to remain relevant in the vastly competitive decorative candle market. We determined that the modern candle consumer buys for essentially two reasons; aesthetics and scent. The new Cake Candle package creatively allows for easy scent checking via the branded scent windows, while the modern look of the exterior packaging enhances the natural beauty of the candle color and texture.

  • Client: The Lumi-Lite Candle Company
  • Delivered: Summer 2014
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